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South African Snapper with Papaya Sambal

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The Wines of South Africa

While much of South Africa is hot, dry desert, its vineyards lie in the Southwestern corner of the country.  The Atlantic and Indian Oceans converge here, bringing coastal fog, ocean breezes and ample rainfall to a climate much like the Mediterranean.  Vineyards also climb the steep mountains and spread into interior valleys where rain is scarce and soil is challenging.  As a result, South Africa produces a diverse variety of wines.

South African culture is deeply rooted in tradition and is powerfully bonded to the land.  With sweeping landscapes, magnificent wildlife, and bustling cities, today South Africa is a crossroads where unique indigenous cultures and modern lifestyles meet.  South African wines are a prime example of how “Old World” traditions blend with “New World” styles to create a distinct taste experience for the adventurous wine aficionado.  With 350-year winemaking history, South Africa is quickly emerging as one of the premier winegrowing regions worldwide.  We invite you to pursue the real story, exploring the preconceptions and misconceptions that often swirl around a glass of South African wine.

Experience a glass of South African wine, and its vibrant and turbulent viticultural history.

Reds wines outweigh white wines by 2 to 1 in South Africa. Cabernet Sauvignon is the top red wine, but the country also grows a locally created red wine called Pinotage, a cross between the Pinot Noir and Cinsault grapes.