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Chilean-Style Sopaipillas

Chilean-Style Sopaipillas

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The Wines of Chile

Chile is located on the western coast of South America, which has caused the country to exist in isolation for a number of years.   It is positioned in the center with the Pacific on the left, and the Andes on the right, deserts to the north, and Antarctica to its south, causing the country to stand alone for generations.   Living in isolation helped to shelter the vineyards in Chile from the vine pest phylloxera, which the country has since become famous for the purity of the vines.

Winemaking traditions are centuries old in Chile.  In the 19th century, old wives tales proclaim that the largest wine estate was found in Chile. Much of this wine was based on the Pais grape, which is known in California as Mission. These wines were not what modern consumers would palate, and so Chile wine profiles began to change and evolve.

Within the last decade there has been a lot of interest, and money, which has helped to modernize the vineyards and wineries of Chile. Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere show tremendous potential as well as crisp whites like Sauvignon Blanc.